Using the jQuery 1.5 VSDoc to get Intellisense in Visual Studio

I’ve noticed several people looking for a jQuery 1.5 VSDoc this week. After looking around myself, I didn’t see one anywhere either. So, I updated Damian Edwards’ VsDocBuilder for jQuery 1.5 and generated a new VSDoc.

It doesn’t handle the new jqXHR and Deferred return types quite right, so you won’t get Intellisense for the new chained $.ajax() callbacks. However, it should be better than nothing until a fully functioning version is released.

You can download it here: jQuery-1.5.0-vsdoc.js

Update: Damian has just made a fully functional version of the 1.5 VSDoc available (that was quick): jquery-1.5-vsdoc.js. You should use his instead of mine.

Important: This new VSDoc makes use of <para> tags to display line breaks inside documentation tooltips. To view them properly, you’ll need to be sure that you have the JScript Editor Extensions installed so that Visual Studio understands those new VSDoc tags.