Encosia - ASP.NET, AJAX, jQuery, and more

Dave Ward? Who’s that?

Photo of Dave WardIt all began in 1981. Ronald Reagan was taking office and MTV was on the verge of revolutionizing music. I was 5 and the world was changing, but I didn’t care about any of that. The event that had consumed my attention was my family’s purchase of a TRS-80 Color Computer.

Using good ‘ol Microsoft Color BASIC and cassette tapes for data storage, I wrote my first program several weeks later. It didn’t exactly work, but life would never be the same again. I’ve been hooked on finagling the innards of these overgrown toasters ever since.

Over the next few years one experience that stood out among the rest is that of my first encounter in 1994 with something called the world wide web. Using a fresh copy of Mosaic, I discovered what would dominate my attention, both as professional and hobbyist, for the next fifteen years (and counting).

Over the years since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from simple DOS applications to global telecommunications networks spanning multiple platforms. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with talented colleagues, across a wide gamut of specializations.

In particular, I have become most interested in the benefits that client-side user interface optimizations confer. Thus, my recent time has been focused on AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, and frameworks such as ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery.

Encosia? What’s an Encosia?

When I was younger, one of my friends and I had an uncanny way of independently coming to the same conclusions on completely arbitrary topics. It was such a common occurrence that it really became second nature and we didn’t even notice it anymore.

We called it Encosia once and the name stuck.

After leaving college years later, I realized that I would be losing the only email address I’d ever had when my .edu address expired. As a throwback joke (and to prevent ever having to play musical email accounts again), I picked up the Encosia.com domain to use as my permanent email domain.

Recently, it occurred to me that Encosia should be one of the ideals of quality software. It should be designed to adapt to exactly what you want to accomplish. It should do what you want, not necessarily what you ask. Most importantly, it should all become second nature.

With that in mind, the purpose of this site is to hopefully do my small part in helping you add a dash of Encosia to your projects.

How do you pronounce that?

Easy. Encosia rhymes with ambrosia.