Each year around the 21st of December, I’ve ended the year with a brief recap and a list of the year’s most popular posts. That has worked well in the past, but this year I find myself in the position to give more than just information back to the community. So, as I close in on my fourth full year here at Encosia, I’m going to try something a bit different this time around.

This year, I’m going to precede that yearly recap giving away some great prizes, including a full free year at TekPub and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with a year-long subscription to the MSDN library.

Additionally, I know that many of you will already be spending time offline with your friends and family by the 21st of December. So, I’m also going to move things up a bit this year to make sure that everyone’s able to participate.

What you can win

One month membership to TekPub (x3) – Three promo codes, each redeemable for one free month of membership at TekPub. As a monthly member, you can access any video on the site during your membership, including episodes of my series: Mastering jQuery and Ask the Expert: Dave Ward.

One year membership to TekPub – A promo code redeemable for an entire year of free membership at TekPub. As a yearly member, not only will you have access to every video on the site for a full year, but you will also have the ability to download any of those videos for offline viewing.

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with one year of MSDN – A promo code redeemable for one year’s subscriber access to MSDN, in addition to the top-tier version of Visual Studio. The MSDN subscriber area gives you access to every piece of software that Microsoft sells, including Windows, Office, and SQL Server – a truly unparalleled toolbox for anyone who wants to develop on Microsoft’s platforms.

How to win

There are four ways to enter the drawing. You can choose just one of them if you like, any combination of them, or all four for the best chance to win:

Twitter – The easiest way to enter is to post this message on Twitter:

I just entered to win VS2010 Ultimate with MSDN or up to a year of free TekPub membership. You can too: http://encosia.com/1071

Click here to open Twitter in a new window, with the message pre-filled.

Comment – I’m always eager to hear your feedback. Leave a comment on this post with suggestions for what you’d like to see me write about next year or which post(s) here in the past you found the most helpful.

Suggest a video topic – I’ve been happy with the first four episodes that we’ve recorded for my new “Ask the Expert” series on TekPub. It’s ongoing success depends on your questions though. Anyone who suggests a topic for the series gets one entry into this contest.

As an added bonus, unrelated to this contest, you’ll get free access to the entire series if we use your suggestion to record an episode.

Vote on video topics – Vote on the topic suggestions that you find most interesting. Voting on any of them is good for another entry.


The contest is open to entires until 10pm Eastern time (GMT -5) on this Friday, December 10th.

Entires will be tabulated and the five winners chosen at random, via random.org. The results will be posted here on the following Monday (December 13th).

Good luck!