Testing an ASP.NET site on an iPhone Developing iPhone-optimized portions of an ASP.NET website presents a challenge. More specifically, it’s testing your creations that can be difficult.

Apple’s iPhone emulator only runs on Macs and the Windows-based alternatives don’t emulate mobile Safari well. That leaves us using an actual device as the only high-fidelity option for testing. That’s not all bad; especially when it comes to a touch-driven interface, testing with the real thing is preferable.

Unfortunately, the ASP.NET Development Server bundled with Visual Studio is severely restricted when it comes to testing externally. In fact, it could hardly be more restrictive – it refuses all external connections, even if those connections originate from the same local subnet.

In this post, I’m going to show you one way I’ve found to circumvent that restriction, how to configure your iPhone to take advantage of that, and how to connect to the development server once those steps are completed.

Note: This post specifically describes configuring an iPhone, but the same approach will work for any mobile device that supports using an HTTP proxy.

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