For the past week, I’ve been neck-deep in a challenging project that combines jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap to do some relatively heavy lifting. Though I’ve used both jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap in the past, this recent exercise left me with a few morsels of newly-hard-earned knowledge. Among that education was learning that PhoneGap 1.1.0 breaks jQuery Mobile’s back button on Android devices.

Being able to use a web-based framework like jQuery Mobile to create a “native” mobile app is one of PhoneGap’s most appealing propositions. So, you can imagine my dismay when wrapping this latest project in PhoneGap broke its navigation. Worse yet, even closing jQuery Mobile’s dialog windows stopped working under PhoneGap 1.1.0.

Luckily, the problem ended up being a minor one with a simple fix. In this post, I’ll briefly show you why PhoneGap 1.1.0 caused jQuery Mobile’s back buttons to stop working and how you can fix that problem in your own app.

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