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Hear me jabber about myself on The Hello World Podcast

General, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

hello-world-podcast-logoDuring his adventure around the world, my friend Shawn Wildermuth recently found a few minutes to have me on his podcast: The Hello World Podcast.

It’s a fun podcast if you haven’t listened to it before. Instead of having guests pontificate on current events and specific technologies, it’s all about how people first got started with computers and programming. For me, it all began with a first-generation Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer that I’ve mentioned here before, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about what I did to it within about a year that nearly gave my parents a heart attack. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to learn about that (and hear Shawn make the same sound mother did in 1982 when she saw my handiwork).

More seriously, Shawn pressed me to think of the one thing I would have done differently if I could do it all over again. After coming up with a passable answer, I realized what my real answer to that question is and that it applies to everyone in technology, not just me. If you’re reading this, that probably means you too.

Hear me talk about drama on This Developer’s Life

General, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

Duty Calls - Someone's wrong on the Internet!Rob had me on This Developer’s Life recently, along with several other fine folks, talking about drama on the Internet, semicolons, and generally “why so mean?

I thought it was an interesting episode. Though I’ve occasionally been sucked into “someone’s wrong on the Internet” myself, I try to avoid drama. So many debates-turned-arguments on the Internet are all downside and have almost no potential upside even if you “win”.

So, I was really interested to hear what others had to say about the topic, and they did not disappoint. If the subject sounds interesting to you (and fair warning, there’s almost no technical content in this one), you might enjoy it too.

You can stream or download the episode here: The Developer’s Life – 2.0.9 Drama

Scott Hanselman and I talk about Web APIs, #!, and more

General, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

Scott Hanselman recently invited me onto Hanselminutes to talk about Web APIs, “hashbang” URLs, CDNs, and web performance in general. In the turmoil around having a mid-week holiday here in the US, I hadn’t even noticed that the episode went live last week.

It’s more of an open-ended conversation than us talking about the details of a particular technology. So, we’d both welcome you joining the conversation in the comments there on Scott’s post.

Click here to head over to the Hanselminutes website, give it a listen, and let us know what you think.

Hear Joe Stagner and I talk community, business, and more

General, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

Years ago, Joe Stagner was one of the first people at Microsoft that I happened to get in touch with about ASP.NET and the topics I was blogging about here. In fact, he was responsible for the first real bump in traffic my blog received back in 2007. So, when Joe asked me to come on his podcast earlier this year, I was eager.

We talked about a wide variety of topics, including dealing with plagiarism, how to become a Microsoft MVP, and selling new web technology to non-technical decision makers. Fair warning: it was unscripted and less jQuery, ASP.NET, or JavaScript themed than other podcasts you may have heard me on in the past, but I think it turned out pretty well if you’re interested in broader topics surrounding the technology.

You can download or listen to it here on Joe’s site: Podcast – Dave Ward Encosia

Hear us talk about JavaScript on Hanselminutes episode 2^8

General, JavaScript, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

I was talking JavaScript with Scott Hanselman recently, discussing different approaches to client-side development and the complications that surround them. Part way through, he decided that we, along with Elijah Manor, should sit down and make a podcast out of it.

So, we did.

It was just a touch nerve wracking to sit down and record with no agenda, firm topic, or preparation, but Scott’s a pro and guided us smoothly through. Within an hour of him saying “let’s record a podcast,” he had pulled recording equipment and a quiet room out of thin air, and we were finished.

If you’re a regular reader here, the discussion may be below your level of expertise, but it potentially good for sharing with colleagues who aren’t yet at your level on the client-side.

You can listen to it here: <JavaScript and jQuery: Moving beyond Alert() />

Also be sure to check out Elijah’s summary of what we talked about, which includes links to most of the resources we discussed: Hanselminutes #256: JavaScript & jQuery: Moving beyond Alert()

Hear me talk jQuery and ASP.NET on the jQuery Podcast

jQuery, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

The jQuery Podcast logoLast week, Ralph Whitbeck was kind enough to have me as a guest on episode #32 of the jQuery Podcast. We spoke about topics including:

  • Research I’ve done on the public CDNs that host jQuery, and why it matters which one you choose
  • Why you should never use a “latest version” reference to scripts on those public CDNs
  • The drawbacks of always waiting on $(document).ready()
  • My video tutorial series, Mastering jQuery

I really enjoyed talking with Ralph, and I think the episode turned out great. You can listen to it at: http://podcast.jquery.com/2010/08/27/episode-32-dave-ward/

Hear me talk about jQuery on the Polymorphic Podcast

ASP.NET, jQuery, Podcasts By . Updated May 10, 2015

As a longtime listener myself, I was eager when Craig asked me to come on the Polymorphic Podcast to talk about jQuery. I’ve always enjoyed how he doesn’t shy away from talking about HTML and JavaScript, which is still too uncommon in the .NET world.

With that in mind, I knew we’d be able to have a great conversation about jQuery and the concerns that ASP.NET developers run into when using it. I really enjoyed recording the show, and think it turned out pretty well. I hope you’ll enjoy it too:

Polymorphic Podcast: jQuery Secrets with Dave Ward

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend subscribing to Craig’s podcast. There are some real gems in his previous shows too, so check those out as well.