hello-world-podcast-logoDuring his adventure around the world, my friend Shawn Wildermuth recently found a few minutes to have me on his podcast: The Hello World Podcast.

It’s a fun podcast if you haven’t listened to it before. Instead of having guests pontificate on current events and specific technologies, it’s all about how people first got started with computers and programming. For me, it all began with a first-generation Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer that I’ve mentioned here before, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about what I did to it within about a year that nearly gave my parents a heart attack. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to learn about that (and hear Shawn make the same sound mother did in 1982 when she saw my handiwork).

More seriously, Shawn pressed me to think of the one thing I would have done differently if I could do it all over again. After coming up with a passable answer, I realized what my real answer to that question is and that it applies to everyone in technology, not just me. If you’re reading this, that probably means you too.