I was talking JavaScript with Scott Hanselman recently, discussing different approaches to client-side development and the complications that surround them. Part way through, he decided that we, along with Elijah Manor, should sit down and make a podcast out of it.

So, we did.

It was just a touch nerve wracking to sit down and record with no agenda, firm topic, or preparation, but Scott’s a pro and guided us smoothly through. Within an hour of him saying “let’s record a podcast,” he had pulled recording equipment and a quiet room out of thin air, and we were finished.

If you’re a regular reader here, the discussion may be below your level of expertise, but it potentially good for sharing with colleagues who aren’t yet at your level on the client-side.

You can listen to it here: <JavaScript and jQuery: Moving beyond Alert() />

Also be sure to check out Elijah’s summary of what we talked about, which includes links to most of the resources we discussed: Hanselminutes #256: JavaScript & jQuery: Moving beyond Alert()