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One of the longest running themes here has been the compelling intersection between ASP.NET and jQuery. Beginning with my post about using jQuery to circumvent ASP.NET AJAX’s client-side apparatus for calling ASMX services, I’ve been writing about using ASP.NET and jQuery since the Spring of 2008.

As these related posts have accumulated over the years, I’ve made an effort to weave a thread of cross-links between them posts where appropriate. However, it’s nearly impossible to anticipate every possible entry point and subsequent path that someone might find themselves following here.

So, I’ve decided to finally do what I should have done a year or two ago: Create a top-level index to organize and improve the accessibility of my content for ASP.NET developers interested in integrating jQuery into their sites.

You can see my first draft of that here: jQuery for the ASP.NET Developer

Unlike the other content here, I’m publishing this one long before it’s “finished”. My hope is that I can solicit early feedback to help better construct a useful narrative while the document is still in its formative stages. So, if you have any feedback on the current page or what you think should ultimately be there, please leave me a comment on either this post or that page, contact me directly, or even @mention it my way on Twitter.