They aren’t the most glamorous projects, but thousands of developers have integrated my Highslide JS .NET and PostBack Ritalin controls into their sites and applications over the years. PostBack Ritalin was even included in Subtext at one point. It’s definitely a great feeling to see your work put to good use (in fact, this motivator can be even more powerful than monetary gain).

As jQuery has risen in popularity among the ASP.NET community, both controls seem somewhat superfluous to me, yet they have surprisingly remained very much in-demand. As long as people are using them, keeping them working and bug-free(ish) is something that I’ll continue to pursue.

I wouldn’t mind some help though.

Over the years, I didn’t keep the source code for these controls closed due to any illusions of ever turning them into commercial products. Rather, they were the first server controls I had built for general consumption and the quality of their code is not great. For the same sort of reasons that developers “go dark”, I always preferred to keep that code hidden in my junk drawer.

At this point though, keeping their source hidden just to protect my delicate programmer-pride is counterproductive, so I’ve open-sourced both controls on GitHub. Go forth and fork them – pull requests are welcomed.

Fork PostBackRitalin on GitHub

Fork Highslide JS .NET on GitHub