A small update to Highslide JS .NET is available today. Changes include:

v0.5 (1/11/2008)

  • Updated embedded Highslide JS version to 3.3.6.
  • Cleaned up Alt and Title attribute handling.
  • Added TitleText property to HighslideImage.
  • Added LinkTarget property to HighslideImage.

The download is available on the Highslide JS .NET page, as always.

Summary of the changes

Previously, the thumbnail image’s Title and Alt text were hard coded, for reasons I cannot imagine. Now, the base Image control’s AlternateText is respected. If no AlternateText is supplied, then “Thumbnail image for FullImageURL” is used.

Another new property, TitleText, is added to allow you to add a Title to the image. If omitted, no title is added.

Finally, a LinkTarget property is also added in this version. This is a string value that is passed through to the <a> tag that encloses the thumbnail image.

Normally, when a user clicks a thumbnail image with JavaScript disabled, the current page navigates to the FullImageURL. You can use LinkTarget to specify something like “_new”, to cause non-JavaScript users to open the full images in a new window/tab instead.

The future

I’ve begun adding ITemplate support for customizing the control bar. That will hopefully be done for the next build, in the near future.

Aside from that, what other features would you like to see added or improved? I’m completely open to suggestions, as long as they remain mostly within the current scope (e.g. I have no intention of turning it into a full-blown gallery control).