An update to Highslide JS .NET is available today. I recommend that everyone upgrade, to benefit from the memory leak fixes in the latest Highslide JS.

v0.7 (4/29/2008)

  • Updated embedded Highslide version to 3.3.17.
  • Improved caption rendering, using inline caption divs. This should result in more semantic markup, pairing your captions with your images.
  • Added HighslideManager property: NumberOfImagesToPreload. This allows you to control how many images are automatically preloaded.
  • Added HighslideManager property: FadeInOut. When true, this fades the enlargement in and out as it’s resizing.
  • Added HighslideManager property: RenderScriptInPlace. This allows you to control where on the page the Highslide JS script is inserted in your page.
  • Updated download to include a sample site, to make it a little easier to get up and running quickly.

As always, the latest version is available on the Highslide JS .NET project page.