Though the version number only inched up 0.0.1 with this release, it brings quite a few new features; most of them in response to your requests. I can’t include every request, but I will continue to improve the control based on your feedback, so keep them coming.

Changes in v4.1.5 include:

  • Updated the base Highslide JS library to v4.1.5.
  • Updated the embedded CSS to the latest version bundled with Highslide JS. This fixes the issue with the transparent/blank bar during enlargement if a caption is set.
  • A few internal improvements that should make it work more reliably in some situations.

HighslideManager specific changes:

  • Added: Support for onmouseover triggering, through a new property called ExpandEvent. Options are Click and MouseOver.
  • Added: CenterEnlargements. When true, enlargements will be centered in the browser instead of centered over the thumbnail.
  • Added: MarginTop, MarginLeft, MarginBottom, and MarginRight, which mirror the functionality of Highslide’s similarly named settings. For more information, see the documentation for hs.marginLeft.
  • Added: AnchorPosition. This property allows you to specify which point on the enlargement will be anchored to the thumbnail. See hs.anchor for more information.
  • Added: ShowFullExpandButton. When the full size image is too large to display in the available browser viewport, an enlargement icon normally displays in the bottom right corner. Setting this property to false will cause that icon to have an opacity of 0, effectively hiding it.

HighslideImage specific changes:

  • Added: Disabled property. When set to true, no Highslide functionality will be attached to the image. Good for imperatively disabling thumbnails from code-behind.

As always, the control is freely available on the Highslide JS .NET project page.