If you follow me on Twitter, this stack of free TekPub trials may look familiar:

A stack of TekPub free monthly trial cards

Each card is redeemable for a one-month membership at TekPub, which allows free, unrestricted access to all of the videos on the site. Of course, that also includes access to my TekPub series, Mastering jQuery.

I’ve given many of them away at events like MIX10 and ReMIX Atlanta 2010, but made sure to reserve some of them for you. After all, there would be no Mastering jQuery series without you.

How to enter

Since the ultimate goal of these cards is to spread the word about TekPub, I want to have a contest that respects that aim. So, we’re going to do this on Twitter.

To enter, tweet this message, making sure to keep the hashtags and URL intact:

I just entered to win a one-month free TekPub membership. You can too at: http://encosia.com/995 #TekPub #jQuery

You can click this link to make that easier: Enter me in the contest!

How to win

I’ll use random.org to select two winners each day this week (5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010) at around 9pm EDT (GMT -4) each night. Be sure you’re following me on Twitter if you aren’t already, because I’ll be announcing the winners on my @Encosia account there.

Good luck!

Update: To clarify, you only need to tweet once to be entered in the entire week of drawings. As much as I do want us to spread the word about TekPub, I definitely don’t want this to cross the line between promotion and spam.