I’ve decided to open source Mike Davis’ ever-popular Inline Edit Box .NET control. Neither of us have enough time to maintain it properly, and several of you have expressed interest in contributing if it were open source. So, its new home is CodePlex: http://www.codeplex.com/InlineEditBox

You’ll have to bear with me, because this is my first CodePlex project and I’m still familiarizing myself with the admin functionality of the site. If you have any trouble contributing to the project, contact me directly and I’ll do my best to resolve it quickly.

PostBack Ritalin v0.10 beta

I also have a new version of PostBack Ritalin nearing release. Major changes:

  • Client-side portion completely rewritten as a proper JavaScript object. This results in much less namespace impact on the page’s DOM, and is just generally much cleaner.
  • Added image pre-loading option for WaitImages. Currently, disabled ImageButtons can take a bit too long to show their disabled image the first time, due to HTTP delay. Enabling pre-loading will cause the browser to pre-cache the disabled images, resulting in instant feedback for the disabled state.
  • Added support for disabling LinkButtons.

It passes all of my previous test cases, but I would be very interested in any testing feedback that you could provide me. I’m sure some of you are using it ways that I would never think to test for. I especially want to make sure that the LinkButton functionality is working well before releasing it.

The beta for this version is over now, but you can download the latest release version at the PostBack Ritalin project page.