When I heard the banging on my front door early this morning, I thought it was yet another solicitor selling magazine subscriptions or overpriced vacuum cleaners.

That periodic interruption ranks near the top of my short list of telecommuting drawbacks. It’s truly amazing what gall door-to-door solicitors have, even in the face of the NO SOLICITING sign prominently displayed on the only street into my neighborhood.

To my significant relief, this greeted me from the doorstep instead:

Unboxing three copies of Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls

It had completely slipped my mind that Adam Calderon and Joel Rumerman had generously sent me three copies of their excellent new book, Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls.

Why would they do that? Because it’s contest time again!

This time, with a twist

While the last contest giveaway went well, it occurred to me that it was a bit inequitable. Three of you won books and I picked up a quite a few RSS subscribers, but the rest of you got nothing out of it.

This time around, I have an idea that should benefit us all. Only three of you will win these books, but there will be a lasting reward for everyone who participates this time around.

Have I sufficiently whetted your appetite? Details on the contest and a review of the book are coming soon, so stay tuned.