After a long beta period, PostBack Ritalin v0.10 is finally ready for release. This is absolutely the best version yet. Many edge case issues have been resolved, and the code is leaner and more efficient than ever before.

Changes include:

  • Complete rewrite of the JavaScript component of the control. Instead of global variables and functions, PostBack Ritalin is now a proper JavaScript object. This significantly minimizes its namespace impact on the DOM.
  • JavaScript embed is now minified.
  • By popular demand, added support for disabling LinkButtons.
  • Added optional image pre-loading for WaitImages. Previously, disabled ImageButtons could take a bit too long to show their disabled image the first time, due to HTTP delay. Enabling pre-loading will cause the browser to pre-fetch and cache the disabled images, resulting in instant feedback for the disabled state.
  • Several bug fixes, thanks to your invaluable feedback.

I’m especially happy with the JavaScript rewrite. Using the object oriented approach on the client side, I’ve added the beginnings of a client-side API similar to the AJAX Toolkit controls (get_property, set_property, etc). Currently, this won’t be of much use to you, but I’ll be expanding and documenting the client-side API in future versions.

The one feature that I wasn’t able to add yet is support for disabling all buttons on the page or within the triggering container. Considering the sweeping changes to the entire client-side portion of the control, I decided to avoid adding significantly more complexity to it in the same release.

I haven’t forgotten about it though, and will add the feature soon.

As always, the free download is available on the PostBack Ritalin project page.