Another significant update to PostBack Ritalin is available today. Changes include:

v0.9 (1/30/2008)

  • Resolved all remaining issues with master pages. Nested naming containers should no longer cause any issues.
  • Added the ability to provide UpdatePanel specific WaitText and WaitImage properties for each MonitoredUpdatePanel.
  • Added correct handling for virtual paths in all WaitImage properties.
  • Added CSS to change cursor style to “wait” when hovering over the disabled control.
  • General improvements to client side code.

The download is available on the PostBack Ritalin page.

I have several more ASP.NET AJAX example posts and at least one book review in the pipeline. January has just been a very busy month so far (it started with our primary web server’s RAID array crashing on New Year’s Eve, so you can imagine). Stay tuned for more of what you’re used to here soon.