Thanks to all of your excellent feedback during the months since the last release of PostBack Ritalin, an improved version is ready for release today. With the addition of “disable all elements”, I believe the control is now feature complete, worthy of a version 1.0 release.

Notable changes in v1.0 include:

  • Added disable all elements functionality to MonitoredUpdatePanels.
  • Fixed a bug in the WaitImage preloading functionality, that prevented the MonitoredUpdatePanels’ WaitImages from being preloaded.
  • Added both debug and release versions of the JavaScript resource. Your site’s compilation mode will determine which script version is embedded.
  • Fixed a problem handling postbacks raised by Button controls that have their UseSubmitBehavior property set to false.
  • Improved ClientID handling in naming containers.

As always, you can visit the PostBack Ritalin project page to download the latest version, see usage examples, and find documentation.