I took part in The Code Project’s A Coder Interview series recently, and the result was published there yesterday. Terrence happened to send the questions at a rare moment when I wasn’t running in five directions at once, which led to me accidentally writing quite a bit.

Part of it touches on something important to me that I plan to write more about eventually:

What advice would you offer to an up-and-coming programmer?

Write about programming. Start a blog, answer questions on The Code Project or Stack Overflow, or whatever else suits you, but find some way to write about programming.

I can’t count how many times I began writing about something I thought I knew thoroughly, only to find that I had to fill in several important gaps in my knowledge to write about it competently. Just as important, you have to learn topics more comprehensively to distill and teach them in simple terms. The combination of writing about programming and making that writing as clear and simple as you can is a powerful exercise.


The interview also exposes my shameful stance on tabs vs. spaces, but you’ll have to go there to read that part…

Click here to read the full interview at The Code Project