I am happy to announce that the first release of Username Availability Validator is available on CodePlex today: http://www.codeplex.com/UsernameAvailability.

Username Availability Validator is an ASP.NET server control which provides indication of username availability, for use in new user registration functionality.

Features include:

  • Choice of automatic validation of the username’s availability as the user types it or validation when the user changes form fields.
  • Derived from BaseValidator, so Page.IsValid and the ValidationSummary control function correctly.
  • Flexibility of validating against an ASP.NET MembershipProvider or a custom authentication store, through a user supplied web service or page method.

And the winner is…

With development on the first release of the control concluded, it’s time to award the first free copy of Adam Calderon and Joel Rumerman’s Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls.

Several developers made great contributions to the project, but two stood out from the rest: jnagy and vbtwo31984.

After conferring with Adam and Joel, the final verdict is that jnagy edged out the competition. Congratulations to our first winner, jnagy!

More books to win

Now that development is completed, it’s time to put together some respectable documentation. By contributing documentation to the project, you may join jnagy in receiving a free copy of the book.

I think this example that Moses put together recently is a great example of useful documentation. However, we need to also cover basics about the control’s various properties and their usage.

What do you think? If you were to stumble onto this control, what documentation would you like to have in order to make it easiest to implement quickly?

Email contributions to me, and I’ll add them to the project’s wiki. If you’d prefer editing the wiki directly, contact me with your CodePlex username and I’ll give you access to do that.